August 03, 2008

When the race of spades is the largest trump card

Just saw this article Graham: It's a "lie" to Say Obama Not Injecting Race into Campaign.

“To say that Barack Obama did not intentionally inject the idea of his name and his race is a lie,” Graham said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday."

“There is no doubt in my mind that Sen. Obama is trying to suggest that he is the victim of something,”
The only people that have ever said the word race are Obama's detractors and those who are calling out the right's antics.

Once again the Race Card is being played by white folks as a trump card to win this election. They don't think "drilling for oil" is a big enough issue to make folks pull that lever for McCain.


Anonymous said...

Whenever Obama has his feelings hurt he lashes out. Of course he was trying to bring in Race and the poor poor Obama crap. GET OVER IT Jerk.

Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

Obama hasn't been lashing out (or displaying hurt feelings) much at all. Instead, during the primaries from Hillary Clinton supporters, and now again from Republicans, what we're getting is that every time Obama's supporters (even ones who aren't part of the campaign at all) see racism, people say that Obama is oversensitive, has hurt his poor feelings, sees racism everywhere, etc., even though Obama's been pretty much bending over backwards to avoid bringing race in.

Of course people are going to be watching for racism when the first black candidate with a serious chance of winning runs. Deal with it.

Emil said...

One should expect this ... all to familiar. And white people, I fear, will not or is not willing to understand. In South Africa race still matters - sadly! But a reality, despite the fact that we have a freely elected government (first time ever!) South Africa, like America, one would hope, is officially "non-racial" but racial solidarities continues to play a role in both country's political economy.

Crazy! The history of white supremacy, the paragon of identity politics, screams the danger of cramming life and political participation into the unchosen, assigned cages that reproduce power. The impossible is unlocking cages of ascribed identities and freeing people to define themselves.

Hathor said...

I have been thinking about this a little longer. "The problem" is that the charismatic, well educated, well spoken candidate isn't white. These attacks are not about race in the sense that they can't see a black president. It is jealousy. I had suspected this, the right had Reagan, but still no one to represent them like John F. Kennedy. They are more into idol worship, than issue oriented. Barrack Obama is everything they want to be. So they use words as if they are his scorned lover, he lashes out, he's narcissistic, he's elitist and so on.

Erskine said...

"White people"?




Now who's playing the race card...?

Hathor said...

What would you have me call them, Erskine; Crackers?