April 11, 2007

Is it just me

It is not enough that the legal system has worked for the Duke Lacrosse players. This is a vile response to the dropping of all charges against them.


kochanie said...

I left a comment in response to that post.

While I agree that there was insufficient evidence to implicate the three Duke University students, I do not agree that Ms. Magnum should be called a criminal. If the attorney general of North Carolina did not see fit to bring her to trial after the investigation, why should others feel free to jeopardize her safety and that of her family by posting her name and photo on the internet?

Hathor said...

She has to pay to satisfy their sense of justice. Apparently no argument will change their mind since they believe they are on the right side of right.
I thought your argument was very thorough and supported. I am so emotional sometimes, that I wind up not saying exactly what I want. I hope it convinces some of their readers.
Thanks for stopping by.

Kochanie said...


It is very difficult not to get emotional on these issues.

What I see in this example is two very different, perhaps irreconcilable, views of what our responsibility is to those who are stygmatized by substance abuse, by the work they perform, by their race and gender. At the end of the day, it was punishment vs. compassion.