April 01, 2007

The seriousness of planning for your old age

I am finding that I am constantly thinking of ways to cut back expenses. So many things, I got a late start in life. I am now beginning to realize how I had been fooling my self, thinking that someone would hire me at my age. After finally getting a degree, I had built up this elaborate plan on how many years I would have to work this new job, and what I would have to make. I would be able to get out of debt, including school debt, and hopefully I would have a cushion if Social Security failed or if I had to go back on dialysis. I do have a pension, but I have not worked enough years for that to totally support me. Prescription cost are already a given.

It is not that I have given up entirely on finding a job; it is that I have to be realistic and time is running out. I am tired now after work, I don’t know if it is from boredom or what. Not carrying 20lbs of kidneys may help my stamina when I go back. I would retire now if I could. I am thinking, what I can cut back, not much. I don’t live with a lot of luxury, except DSL.

When I was young I never thought about this, when I was middle age, I thought there were possibilities. I was passing civil service exams, high on the list, surely I would get hired. I got a little older and began to see energy prices skyrocket. For awhile I was in sticker shock Cost were out running my raises. So here I am now becoming fearful, not that I will starve, but the way I will have to live will preclude me from doing anything I wanted. Being stuck with having to find free stuff to do and hope it suits me. I also have to hope that I won’t have another catastrophic illness.

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