April 03, 2007

Putting more than dreams in a trash can

That should have been the title of my last post. I imagine some reading may think that my personality had gotten in the way of my being hired. I wish it were the case, I have not had any interviews. The resume goes in these databases and I have no idea where it goes from there. A few times, I have been in contact with the human resource person, but could get no further.

Speaking of my personality, has it been responsible for my being alone all these years, because the luster of youth has worn off? After a bad marriage, I said I wouldn’t settle. A meaningless statement; never had the choice to make again. I am at a place where I want to be rescued. I think I can adjust my personality for that. It seems like I have been on my own since I was born; I need shelter.


Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

That sucks. What kind of work are you looking for?

Hathor said...

Anything related to operations or quality assurance in electronics related manufacturing. Have IT degree but was not able to get experience while finishing degree.

A. said...

Don't give up hope, though believe me I know how dispiriting it is. We came back to England from France (in those days I wasn't allowed work there) when I was in my mid forties and had a real problem finding anything. If it was something I was qualified for, they thought I couldn't do it because of the three year break (I did do voluntary work to keep up). Then I started applying for lower grade jobs and was told I was over-qualified.... I eventually did get a low grade clerical job and managed to work my way up in a hospital - then the grant ran out and I was back to square one.

Now I thought I was trapped in my present job because they let me travel to and from France and work remotely, but out of the blue I have been approached by a former boss to help him start up on his own.

So it can happen at any time - it only takes one. I know I've felt in the past it's not worth applying, but you have to keep trying. Have you had anyone look over your resume to see if it reads OK to anyone else?

Hathor said...

Not by anyone in the field. I've lost contacts I had in industry.

credo said...


We are living longer and without the helpmate. It's ok.

I've also a former married woman, and will never remarry. Too set in my ways, and I no longer have an accommodating spirit.

Trust me, no one going to come in and rescue you.

Volunteer in your field, meet some people, or you can take some new classes. Or just visit a college and see the changes in your field.

Just got to keep put one foot in front of the other. Pick what excites you, or sure in the heck isn't going to just show up at your front door.

Parttime work in an area that you love or whatever you're good at is something.

We are blessed to be here, take a deep breath and tell yourself, how good you are at what you do best and don't be so hard on yourself.

Thanks for coming over.

Anonymous said...

You just gave me a glimpse into my future. I know what you mean by saying you won't settle, as if you were leaving behind a trail of broken hearts. Just like when people tell you you're too picky. Really? Kind of hard to be picking when there is no one to pick from.

I don't have any soothing words, but take comfort in the fact that you are not alone...and that maybe your words and lessons can help someone a few decades younger who seems to be staring at the same horizon.

Hathor said...

Even though I get into these moods, I keep putting one foot in front of another.
Shortly after my transplant the doctor ask me was I depressed; I told him I was angry, because it was one problem after another. Two rejections and massive doses of medication to save my kidney. Lost bone and gained 50 lbs. There was no one to be angry at, but it helped me get thru. I still worked and went to school at night. I guess bitching is doing the same for me now.
I wonder if I will learn any lessons, but thanks everyone for your concern.

Kochanie said...


I enjoy reading your thoughtful posts and comments, both at the blogs of Figleaf and Lynn Gazis-Sax, as well as your own.

Recently I read your posts about your job search, and, at the age of 54, I fully understand how frustrating a job search can be. Responding to the job postings on national databases can be an exercise in futility, since most applicants are eliminated by computer applications that scan the resumes searching for specific keywords. If these are not found in the applicant's resume, the resume is eliminated before it is even viewed by a human being. After that a clerical worker in the Human Resource Department may do a similar process of elimination. So please do not take the fact that you have not had any interviews as an indication of your employment potential.

Since most job openings are not even advertised on sites such as Monster or Careerbuilder, responding to these ads may not be the best use of your time. As much as my introverted self hates to admit it, networking is the surest way of learning about a job opening and finding out more about a prospective employer.

May I make a suggestion? You may want to spend sometime visiting the site of Ronni Bennett, As Time Goes By. Ronni's site is devoted to the over 50 crowd and the problems we face, including healthcare, dating, employment discrimination, as well as our own attitudes towards aging. Here's a link to a recent post entitled Help for Elder Job Seekers.

I hope this may help. Hang in there!


Hathor said...

I haven't gone on the really big job sites, most have been corporation sites or government. I have tried to tailor my resume to fit the type of job I am looking for; by trying to match the keywords from the job spec. On paper I am about twelve years younger, and that is about as close as I could get away with. I'll check the sites you suggested.