April 20, 2007

This Day

This morning I didn't realized that this day had been declared a Day of Mourning for the Virginia Tech victims until I recieved an e-mail at work. My mood changed from anger to sorrow when I read of Professor Liviu Librescu's funeral. This brought into reality, all of the families grief and pain.

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A. said...

With tragedies like this, and sadly they keep happening, it's hard to realise the human heartbreak until something touches you, just as the account of Liciu Librescu did for me too.

I remember the Dunblane massacre in Scotland. My mind went numb and I couldn't take it in. We had just left there, my sons were that same age and suddenly it hit me that it could just as easily have been them.

I'm tempted to say that I hope nobody I know has been involved, but that would be to say that the tragedy is less for other people that I don't know. My thoughts are with everyone.